Smart Courier

The Smart Courier is a complete solution for a courier company that meets the end-to-end needs of your transportation business. This software is suitable for small to large scale companies, to monitor and track operation, delivery and financial accounting.

Smart Courier – Desktop Version

This is fully desktop version for courier and domestic transport companies where fully their operations not required any customer tracking and booking . This package is best is bet fit for the beginners and domestic transport customers or single office companies.

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Main features are :

  Single Window to see all information about one consignment.
  A to Z Control On waybills.
  Airway Bill & Label Printing.
  Waybill Reconciliation system for GPA.
  Branch Coordination with Central Main office.
  Delivery/POD Reconciliation
  Material cost Vouchers and their tracking
  Advanced Web Administration forms and modules.
  SMS for the delivery.
  Document Management – waybill POD/Receipt Copy.


  Rate chart creation by customer wise
  Unlimited User and Strong user security.
  Unlimited Remote access.
  Destination/Branch wise income and sales Reports.
  Full control on courier charges and customer payments.
  Facility to reconcile the forwarding agent invoice.
  Complete Financial Accounts.
  Simple and All kind of operational reports.
  General Postal Authority Reports.


This is complete online courier management system with cloud based server. This system is very simple and multi user/multi branch. This system is suitable for any type of courier companies with multinational offices and branches. This package is included with mobile delivery management system and web site. Using online Smart Courier will allow your business to have access to a single, centralised and integrated system that has been specially designed to meet the changing needs of the time sensitive courier industry. As a cloud based solution, no upfront investment is required, the system is web-based and can be accessed by any device.

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Smart Courier – Desktop + Online Integrated

This is a full version of desktop plus complete web tracking and booking system. In this version will be suitable for most of middle class courier and transport companies who having multiple branches and large number of customer who is using for tracking and booking shipment through online. The data will be located on server located in main office and tracking and booking data available on cloud server, this will be automatically synchronise with main server, so customers will get updated information always.

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Main features are :

Desktop (Server based System)
  A-Z control on way bills
  Check in and checkout system
  Delivery Run Sheet preparation
  Data entry through direct entry, Excel upload or web entry
  POD, Material Cost Voucher, DO Copies reconciliation
  International Forwarding Manifest and POD Entries
  Track each and every entries done against a waybill
  Auto Synchronization of Local Server with Cloud Server
  Third party API Integration
  Mobile Delivery Integration

Web (Online Part)

  Online Consignment Tracking
  API Integration for agent web tracking
  Customer Login and Customer Dashboard
  Waybill booking and waybill printing
  Bulk Data Entry by Excel upload
  Delivery/POD Reports
  Admin Dashboard for managing booking, POD updation, Collection Despatch.